Supporting Clergy and Communities in Developing their Online Potential

What do we do? Church Website Design – this is the simplest answer to a complicated question.  We provide support, advice and encouragement for clergy and church members who are seeking to develop their online presence. With over 1 billion people using the internet around the world, it is becoming clearer each day how important the internet is, in becoming the communication tool for a global community.

As Christians we are taught to believe in the importance of spreading the Word and the ministry of our church. This is why we have established, with clergy and church members from across the UK providing a wealth of support, the Church Website Design Project. All of us who work on this Project have a variety of backgrounds in the world of work, and worldly experience, but we all share a common goal: celebrating and communicating the faith, ministry and Word of God. If you are feeling especially generous with your time today, why not spend a while and explore our site. If you would like advice and support on how your church community can develop an online presence, call or email us today. All our details can be found in the Contacts section. 

Thank you for visiting.