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Welcome to the Church Website Design Project. Supporting communities in developing their online potential.

As Christians we are taught to believe in the importance of spreading the Word and the ministry of our church. This is why we have established, with clergy and church members from across the UK providing a wealth of support, the Pathmaker Church Website Design Project, founded and sponsored by Pathmaker. All of us who work on this Project have a variety of backgrounds in the world of work, and worldly experience, but we all share a common goal: celebrating and communicating the faith, ministry and Word of God.

If you are feeling especially generous with your time today, why not spend a while and explore our site. If you would like advice and support on how your church community can develop an online presence, call or email us today. All our details can be found in the Contacts section. 

Thank you for visiting. Please click on the email contacts below with any comments or questions. God bless.


The Church has always been in the business of communication.

There are many people in today’s world who are searching for a faith. They are often reluctant to visit a church or even to ask someone they know who is a Christian as they think they will look foolish if the have no knowledge of Christ.  People often seek the church for baptisms, weddings and funerals who would not at any other time go to a church. 

A web site can provide all the basic information about  what the Church has to offer to people at these special and critical times in their lives. A web site is invaluable to today’s church, and it is a must for any church that is serious about communication in today’s technological world.

In this busy world that we live in, it is often difficult to take time and talk about those things that matter most to us. We care about our faith and about our Christian traditions. Support us through talking with your church members, discuss the potential that online communication holds for you and your church.

— Our Mission

Promoting the internet as a means to extend fellowship and ministry.
Encourage clergy and church leaders to identify the potential in developing an online church community. Provide support and advice on ways that the internet can enhance the work of your church community.

— Our Vision

Identify opportunities for not only sharing your church with the global community, but also to develop a new way to communicate with the local community. Sustain and develop the fellowship that exists within your churches, parishes and church groups. Support clergy and church members to improve existing websites, offering advice and consultation. Share the love and word of God and the teachings of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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